Client Success Stories

Below are some successful stories on how we have helped our clients and how we can help you!

Innovative Solution for California Workers Compensation Audit!

A fairly new California contractor client of ours was ready to hire employees for the first time. Not knowing how well the business was going to perform, they decided to predict conservative annual gross payroll figures for their California workers comp quote. After the policy year ended, an audit was performed by the carrier. Fortunately, our client did extremely well that year showing much more payroll processed than originally projected. However, the extra payroll ended up costing them a whopping $350,000 in audited premium.

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Not Happy with the service and results you deserve? JVRC Insurance can meet your expectations!

A potential JVRC client was not happy with the current cost and services they were getting form their California workers comp carrier and insurance broker. Their current broker would continuously make changes and mistakes within the structure of their insurance policies such as incorrect changes to his classifications which resulted in more unwarranted premium. We spoke to the client, researched their website, and called the WCIRB to confirm their classifications.

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JVRC provides claim consulting and reporting service!

We take pride in our purpose as a Commercial Insurance Agency. We are here to provide the insurance policies that protect your business from catastrophic perils that threaten your business on a daily basis. Although we place those policies, it is our hope that our clients never have to utilize them. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. The officers of the company had a disagreement about how the assets were purchased and needed us to file a claim on their California Director and Officers Policy (D&O).

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Going above and beyond for our clients!

A JVRC client was involved in a car accident on Christmas Eve. They called us frantic and emotional due to the situation and unfortunate timing. They didn’t know how to handle this situation so we guided her on what information to collect from the other party involved and filed the claim for them with their carrier. Within 24 hours, the carrier responded back to her and initiated the claim process.  Our insured was also curious to know if they had rental car coverage on their California Business Auto policy.

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We can help you prepare and complete your Audits for any and all of policies!

A JVRC client had a California workers comp audit coming up for their renewal that had recently passed.  Unfortunately, the prior year’s audit experience was not a pleasant one given the inaccurate information and client’s lack of experience.  Our JVRC agent offered to help prepare for and sit in with the auditor to make sure the process went smoothly.  The client accepted and made the arrangements for the auditor’s visit. The auditor sent a list of information and documents needed for the day of which the client then sent to us.

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We are all about problem solving!

A customer of one of our clients was requesting that a specific change be made to their policy. The customer was providing work for a city within California. This City had a third party company handling their insurance certificate requests and had asked to have their name added to our client’s General Liability declaration page. Unfortunately this kind of request could not be executed. The only name that can be on the declaration pages of a policy is the Insured’s name.

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We are in this for the long haul and willing to go the extra mile to earn your business and trust!

One of our agents had marketed a potential client offering the help we could provide on their current California workers compensation policy. After a couple conversations we realized they were not very happy with your current insurance broker and needed some much needed attention and servicing on their comp policy. We advised them that we could potentially take over the servicing of the policy mid-term by having them sign a Broker of Record letter.

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There is nothing too difficult for us to handle, we can do it all!

We came across a California General Contractor who was in need of some insurance assistance. The owner had ownership in three separate companies where all insurance policies were unfortunately being mishandled by their current broker. Several organizations such as the CSLB, WCIRB, and other Insurance carriers were confused on the structure of these three companies along with the similarities and differences between each one.

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