California Cannabis Dispensary, Cultivator, & Grower Business Insurance

Cannabis Dispensary Business Insurance
JVRC Insurance Services is committed to providing all California business insurance related services to the rapidly expanding Cannabis Industry. Cannabis dispensary business insurance, grower insurance and banking solutions can be expensive and difficult to acquire. Dealing with the challenges of constant change and conflicting state and federal laws, we can provide complex risk analysis and unique policy options to all business owners.

High-Demand Insurance

We understand the immense demand from the Cannabis Industry and its related products are increasing dramatically. Its rapidly shifting landscape has evolved and become more sophisticated over the last decade or so. Being that the demand for cannabis‐related insurance products will continue to grow as more states legalize the drug, available coverage will continue to be very limited and costs with most likely remain high. 

Cannabis Related Banking Solutions

This comes to our next point! Cannabis related businesses continue to struggle with finding financial bank institutions that are willing to partner with them. FDIC approved and protected money being deposited from Cannabis sales is almost to non-existent. Well, we happen to have specialty WC programs that also offer banking solutions that provide FDIC protected deposits as well as little to no cash deposit fees. 

High-Risk Cannabis Insurance

Although insurance carriers are continuing to open their doors to Cannabis related exposures, it still remains that only a limited number of insurers and brokers serve the market for California Cannabis related businesses. Coverage is primarily written in the surplus lines market due to the specialized hard‐to‐place risks inherent in cannabis operations. Here at JVRC, our high-risk admitted and alternative markets will write every coverage line that you need on your checklist including:
Whether you’re a farmer, chef, dispensary, scientist, laboratory technician, engineer, security personnel, accountant, or one who specializes in cannabis related operations, you all face the same challenges. No service is too risky for us to take on. Whether you need insurance quotes or just have a simple question, we would love to help. All marajuana buiness insurance is expensive. Make sure to get multiple quotes. Give us a ring; we are just a click or a call away!