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04 Oct

Workers Comp Fraud

Six Medical Providers are charged with fraud as suspended by Workers’ Comp Division of California

12 Jul

London Tower Fire Claim

The insurance carrier for the London apartment tower that suffered a massive fire has increased i

11 Jul

Workers Comp Fraud

Insurance agent was found guilty of workers comp insurance fraud after lying about being unemploy

18 May

Special Event Insurance

The organizers of the Fyre Festival now face lawsuits after the event proved disorganized and unp

13 Apr

United Airlines Lawsuit

United Airlines will most likely answer to a lawsuit, claiming prejudice, after dragging a paying

24 Mar

GOP and Health Insurance

To gain American’s acceptance of the AHCA, the GOP must change the their viewpoint see health ins

08 Mar

Tom Brady's Stolen Jersey

The estimated $500k value of Tom Brady’s stolen jersey could be determined by his insurance compa

09 Dec

Celebrity Umbrella Policies

Bill Cosby’s legal scandals have left many insurance companies scared to write umbrellas policies

06 Dec

Obamacare Insurance Changes

Trump’s election win has left us all uncertain about Obamacare but we know for certain that cover

13 Aug

Active Shooter Insurance

There’s a new insurance market emerging in light of a disturbing reality in today’s world – activ

13 Jul

Autism Insurance

Autism diagnoses and treatment has increased in the U.S., specifically in the states which requir

13 Jul

On-Demand insurance

Slice Labs Inc and Munich Re team up to create the first on-demand insurance in hopes of reinvent

12 Nov

McDonald's Customer Fraud

Selena Edwards, was arrested and faces 21 felony counts of insurance and workers’ compensation fraud

27 Aug

Worker's Comp Fraud

A man recently plead guilt to worker's compensation insurance fraud in California.

24 Aug

Earthquake Insurance

An estimate from Kinetic Analysis Corp estimates that insurers will probably cover about $2.1 bil