JVRC provides claim consulting and reporting service!

We take pride in our purpose as a Commercial Insurance Agency. We are here to provide the insurance policies that protect your business from catastrophic perils that threaten your business on a daily basis. Although we place those policies, it is our hope that our clients never have to utilize them. Unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. The officers of the company had a disagreement about how the assets were purchased and needed us to file a claim on their California Director and Officers Policy (D&O).

As their broker, we acted as the middle man and were able to assist them by collecting all the necessary info to file the claim. Handling the reporting of the claim to the insurance carrier allowed our client to continue to do what they do best, run their business. The claim was accepted, paid, and closed with a successful result. If the D&O policy had not been in force, they would have had to come out of pocket $45,000. Instead, all they paid was a small deductible and continued business as usual.