We are in this for the long haul and willing to go the extra mile to earn your business and trust!

One of our agents had marketed a potential client offering the help we could provide on their current California workers compensation policy. After a couple conversations we realized they were not very happy with your current insurance broker and needed some much needed attention and servicing on their comp policy. We advised them that we could potentially take over the servicing of the policy mid-term by having them sign a Broker of Record letter. Unfortunately when you BOR a policy mid-term you do not receive any commission for that policy year but we were more than happy to work without commission to gain the trust and earn the business for the future.

The client happily signed the BOR and we were able to get them a rate reduction resulting in over $10,000 in immediate savings. The story was, my now newly acquired client was improperly classified and reporting payroll in a significantly higher class code than what was needed or necessary. After pointing this out to the carrier, we were able to make the positive changes resulting in one satisfied client! They decided to give us the opportunity to earn the rest of their California insurance policies which we were able to accomplish as well!