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PEO Insurance (Professional Employers Organization)

PEO’s or Professional Employer Organizations have achieved an important role in the everyday functions of American businesses throughout the U.S for over 30 years! JVRC Insurance Services is a rare commercial insurance agency that has built its reputation on both the PEO Insurance and Traditional Insurance Industry. Whether you’re a PEO offering bundled services or you’re a business looking for PEO services, JVRC can provide the insurance needs for both sides of the spectrum!

On one side, JVRC Insurance as a master brokerage has been designing tailor made PEO programs for years, finding creative ways to help each PEO program find a competitive edge in this highly saturated market. If you’re looking to start a high deductible, captive, guaranteed cost, or self-insured program, we can provide the right insurance platform for your PEO to help protect you and your clients. JVRC Insurance can also help change or improve the current workers compensation platform you may already have in place. We can also help with building your payroll, HR, and Group Health products as well to create or improve your bundled package of services you offer. We have the contacts, knowledge, and relationships necessary to forge together advantageous partnerships between you the PEO and Insurance companies.

On the other side, if you have a business interested or looking to benefit from a PEO company and its services, JVRC can help! Whether you're looking for the benefits of the bundled services a PEO has to offer or the competitive pricing on workers compensation insurance and other incentives they can provide, JVRC Insurance has access to any and all PEO programs that might be advantageous to your company. Through these PEO’s well-structured programs and abilities to understand your complex business, they can truly be an asset to your businesses efficiency.

Please see below for key values a PEO Program can offer ...

  • A vast array of personnel management solutions for your business through a team of professionals
  • Competitive Workers Comp Rates
  • Assistance to improve productivity and profitability
  • Access to affordable employee benefits package, allowing the clients to perform at a competitive level to improve retention and add labor force
  • Improved employment practices, compliance, and risk management to reduce liabilities
  • Relief from the troubles and responsibilities of employment administration such as payroll processing, tax compliance, HR consulting, health benefits, etc.
  • Safety Incentives allowing the client to earn back paid premiums with good loss ratio percentages
  • Claims Management and Claims Prevention
  • And much more


Whether you are or are looking to start a PEO, a business interested in starting or changing your PEO program, or if you just have a questions, JVRC would love to help in any way! Contact us today, we are just a click or a call away!!