Legal Malpractice Insurance
for California's Attorneys and Law Firms

Legal Malpractice Insurance California

California Lawyers spend a good portion of their time researching and defending a client’s position in the court room hoping to accomplish the verdict they were hired to achieve. Interesting enough, they can find themselves on the opposite end of the spectrum as defendants in a professional liability lawsuit involving their own practices! This is where California Legal Malpractice insurance otherwise known as Attorney Professional Liability Insurance comes into play to protect you when any negligence claims are made involving your practices.

We are an insurance brokerage here at JVRC Insurance and are not restricted to just one program or carrier, so we can provide Law Firms with any and all Insurance options that California has to offer. With our vast knowledge of the Law industry, we can find the most viable coverages while also accomplishing the most competitive pricing!

It is very important that we learn to understand your practices as a law firm so we can custom tailor a California Legal Malpractice Insurance policy that can cover the majority of your exposures. Although this type of coverage is not required by the State of California it is absolutely a necessity when practicing law. Would you be willing to put your professional livelihood at risk? Where everything you have built or about to build can potentially be lost by one negligent claim. Let JVRC Insurance help you rest easier at night.

Are you a new venture, are you looking to get your first Legal Malpractice Insurance California policy, or are you just wondering whether your current Legal Malpractice policy is the best it can be coverage and price wise! Give us a try today; we would love to help out in any way. JVRC Insurance is just a click or a call away!