Legal Malpractice Insurance
for California's Attorneys and Law Firms

Legal Malpractice Insurance Company In California

Legal professionals in California, like elsewhere, are susceptible to the risk of professional liability claims. To shield your practice from the financial implications of these claims, legal malpractice insurance is indispensable. This coverage is tailored to the unique challenges of the legal profession, ensuring that attorneys can focus on their clients' needs without the constant fear of costly lawsuits.

JVRC Insurance is a leading legal malpractice insurance company in California. We provide attorney professional liability insurance so that attorneys and lawyers can have this essential safeguard when any negligence claims are made involving your practice.

Are California Attorneys Required To Carry Malpractice Insurance?

In California, attorneys are not legally mandated to carry malpractice insurance. However, the California State Bar strongly encourages legal practitioners to maintain professional liability coverage. While not a legal requirement, having malpractice insurance is considered a responsible and ethical practice. It not only protects attorneys from the financial fallout of professional negligence claims but also instills confidence in clients, demonstrating a commitment to their well-being. Many clients expect their attorneys to be insured, making it a valuable asset for legal professionals in California, even if not required by law.

JVRC Is The Best Legal Insurance Company In California

JVRC Insurance is an insurance brokerage, which means we are not restricted to just one program or carrier, so we can provide law firms with any and all insurance options that California has to offer. With our vast knowledge of the law industry, we can find the most viable coverages while also accomplishing the most competitive pricing!

We learn everything we can to understand your law practice so we can custom tailor a California legal malpractice insurance policy that can cover your exposures. Although this type of coverage is not required by the State of California it is absolutely a necessity when practicing law.

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