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Specialty Small Business Insurance California

Business insurance for small specialty business is a must in California and anywhere else for that matter. If you are planning a special event, own a restaurant or bar, hire farm laborers, are a temp staffing agency, or any other type of business then you need insurance. You can't afford not to at least get a quote. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you promptly!

Tree Trimming Business Insurance

JVRC Insurance Services is committed to providing the most viable but cost effective coverage’s for tree trimming businesses because we understand the challenges they face when buying insurance, especially workers compensation insurance. Tree trimming business insurance is considered such a high risk, most carriers will refuse to offer the product.
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Contractors Insurance Services

JVRC Insurance has been providing California Contractors insurance services for almost 15 years, ensuring the safety and security for all aspects of their businesses while also providing the most competitive pricing! Contractors deal with much adversity and tremendous hardships in order to succeed and protect themselves. As we all know, the lower your overhead costs are, the more competitive and profitable your business.

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Farm Labor Contractors’ Workers’ Comp Insurance

JVRC Insurance Services is a California Commercial Insurance Agency that specializes in representing Farm Labor Contractors (FLC). We understand the licensing challenges and the regulatory complexities imposed by the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE).

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Temporary Staffing Insurance California

Insuring Temporary Staffing Companies in California are a tough risk for any and all Workers’ Compensation carriers. Carriers have difficulty underwriting a temporary employee due to the number of class codes endorsed on the policy and the incomprehensible risk when a staffing agency adds a new client. Now compound this with the hardening of the California Workers’ Comp insurance market and the result limits the carriers available to Temp Staffing Agencies.

JVRC Insurance offers comprehensive insurance programs for Temporary Staffing Agencies that include

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Auto Dealer Workers’ Comp

An auto dealership requires a wide variety of well-trained employees in order to operate efficiently. In order to protect them and your business, an auto dealer workers' compensation insurance policy is essential. It provides coverage to all employees in case of injury while on the job. You can rest assured that whether it be a salesman, finance representative, receptionist, mechanic, manager, janitor, or car wash porter, a workers’ compensation policy will provide protection against any exposures while on or off the dealership’s premises.

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PEO Insurance In California

PEOs, or Professional Employer Organizations, provide small businesses with services that reduce their administrative tasks, making them more competitive while providing cost savings. These services include payroll, benefits, HR, risk management, and other administrative requirements. Additionally, they can give small businesses access to group health and other insurance policies, saving you money on your premiums.

Whether you’re a PEO offering bundled services or you’re a business looking for PEO services, JVRC can serve the insurance needs for both sides of the spectrum.

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Home Healthcare Insurance Services

Caring for individuals in their homes is an essential profession, but it's not without risks. JVRC Insurance wants to ensure your home healthcare aide business is well-prepared for the unique challenges you may face. We can provide a range of home healthcare insurance options for your small business. With the healthcare industry being one of the fastest growing pieces in today’s economy, it’s extremely important to protect your growing business as well.

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Legal Malpractice Insurance Company In California

Legal professionals in California, like elsewhere, are susceptible to the risk of professional liability claims. To shield your practice from the financial implications of these claims, legal malpractice insurance is indispensable. This coverage is tailored to the unique challenges of the legal profession, ensuring that attorneys can focus on their clients' needs without the constant fear of costly lawsuits.

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Restaurant & Bar Insurance In California

JVRC Insurance Services provides leading bar and restaurant insurance in California. Ensuring the success and longevity of your establishment involves more than just delicious food and drinks; it demands sound risk management. We offer the specialized insurance coverages essential for protecting your business, your staff, and your patrons. From general liability to liquor liability, we'll navigate the wide range of insurance options, helping you make informed decisions to safeguard your California restaurant or bar.

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Special Event Insurance in California

Putting on a Special Event such as a concert, conference, workshop, or wedding can be extremely rewarding and at the same time be quite a task to take on. There is an endless list of responsibilities and tasks that come with putting on a successful event. Special Event Coverage should be a high priority when it comes to checking things off the list and JVRC Insurance can help place the proper coverage for your event.

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Security Guard Insurance California

We here at JVRC Insurance Services truly enjoy and are dedicated to “protecting the protector” when it comes to the Security Guard and Private Patrol Industry. It is quite the difficult and daunting task to provide the proper protection for client properties whether in a ‘static’ security position or on a mobile patrol. Now let JVRC Insurance provide the most viable Security Guard Insurance and Patrol Insurance policy that can provide the proper protection for your business so you can feel secure as well!

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Technology Business Insurance

Businesses in the technology industry are involved in one of the most dynamic and pioneering industries in the world! Technology business insurance is so vital considering that Technology is forever changing and evolving which forces your business to constantly change with the times. With this constant evolution, not only are the current liabilities vast but new exposures pop up everywhere you turn. Let JVRC Insurance keep up with changes in your industry and provide you with the most viable and affordable Technology Insurance policies out there for your business.

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