Surety Bonds for California's
Contractors, Businesses and More

Surety Bonds In California

A large number of California businesses are required to have surety bonds in order to conduct business in the state. These surety bonds are also often required by clients, vendors, and other businesses in order to begin a job or project. JVRC Insurance can provide any type of surety bond for all business types and sizes, including contractors.

Business surety bonds can be provided by many classes depending on your needs. See a few listed below:

  • Contractors License Bond
  • Construction Bond
  • Bid, Performance & Payment, and Supply Bond
  • ERISA Bond
  • Fidelity Bond
  • Contract Bond
  • Fiduciary Bond
  • Crime and Employee Theft Bond
  • And much more …

JVRC Insurance has a wide range of options for all classes of California surety bonds. We pride ourselves on this fact due to the particular way these bonds are underwritten. It generally does not take long at all to provide you with the best surety bond option for you. Depending on your personal credit, business financial strength, or project size will determine the cost of each bond.

A California surety bond is considered a three party agreement. This is purchased to guarantee to the obligee (project owner requesting that you carry one) that the principal (contractor or other business) is capable of fulfilling the contract to completion with all other contract demands honored as well. If the contract is not fulfilled, then the obligee can request the total amount from the surety bond which is then expected to be paid back in full by the principal within a specific time frame. We can provide all the necessary info you may need to help you better understand your surety bond needs.

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