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California insurance for almost two decades.
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Business Insurance California

Below are some of the business insurance services offered by JVRC. JVRC Insurance has been a business insurance provider for almost two decades. If you have any questions regarding insurance for your California business, please give us a call today at 818-735-7600. Thank you.

California Workers Compensation Insurance

JVRC Insurance has been providing workers’ compensation insurance for California businesses for over a decade ensuring the safety and security of their employees along with providing the most cost effective workers’ compensation options available. Just like you, JVRC Insurance is a California based business which is why we truly understand the challenges that come along with existing and thriving in this lovely yet very expensive state.

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General Liability Insurance California

General liability insurance in California is probably the most dynamic insurance policy you can purchase to protect your business. Almost all of the businesses and clients you work with will require you to carry General Liability in California and will also ask you for a certificate of insurance to provide proof.

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Commercial Auto Insurance California

As we all know, the California law states that any vehicle registered in the state of California must be insured by an auto policy. You can accomplish this by either acquiring a personal or commercial auto insurance policy in California. Many business owners struggle with which type of policy they truly need in order to provide this type of coverage.

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Commercial Property Insurance California

Commercial Property Insurance is a very common and vital part of a company’s existence. Whether you lease or own your office space, having property insurance will be an important piece of your puzzle. Business Property Insurance provides a wide range of coverage’s for buildings, inventory, equipment, tools, art, construction upgrades, and much more.

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Business Owners Policy California (BOP)

It is quite expensive to own a business in California, so let us build you a custom Business Owners Policy (BOP) that can protect your business and consolidate a variety of coverage’s for a much lower premium than if they were to be purchased independently!  A Business Owners Policy generally protects your small to mid-size company by combining property, general liability, and business interruption coverage to protect the everyday practices of your business.  Whether you nee

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Commercial Umbrella Insurance California

Though there are many reasons to consider a Commercial Insurance Umbrella policy for your business, there are two that truly stand out. Some consider it to protect their business from the high cost of a catastrophic claim or lawsuit and some do it to appease a client, subcontractor, or vendor they are working with that requires them to carry extra coverage’s.

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Professional Liability Insurance California

Professional Liability Insurance for California hits close to home here at JVRC Insurance. It is such a crucial part of our business and covers some of our largest exposures. As a professional, I’m sure you know the liabilities that come with providing a professional service. What is a professional service you ask? To simplify things, if you are in the business of providing a service to your client for a fee, then you are vulnerable to professional liability risks.

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Surety Bonds California

A good portion of California businesses have a high demand for California surety bonds which are mandatory by the state in order to suffice their requirements to exist as a business. These surety bonds are also demanded by clients, vendors, and other businesses they work with in order to begin a job or project. JVRC Insurance can provide any type of surety bond for all business types and sizes including contractors.

Surety Bonds can be provided by many classes depending on your needs. See a few listed below …

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Group Health Insurance California

Wow, has Group Health Insurance in California gone through some major changes in the past few years. It has been extremely difficult for businesses to follow and keep up with all the rules, changes, and requirements you must abide by. Am I a small or large employer? Can I get better rates elsewhere? Am I obligated to offer health insurance to my seasonal employees? Valid questions like these are the reasons why JVRC Insurance can help you better understand where your company fits in all of this and what you should know.

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EPLI Insurance California

Whether you’re a small or large business, EPLI Insurance (Employment Practices Liability Insurance) can cover majority of employee/employer related lawsuits and exposures. Interesting enough, one of a business owner’s greatest risks is potentially being sued by one of their “own” employees. Most small business owners struggle with adding this kind of coverage to their list of expenses however, small businesses can seldom afford the higher costs that come with an employment lawsuit.

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California Cannabis Dispensary, Cultivator, & Grower Business Insurance

JVRC Insurance Services is committed to providing all California business insurance related services to the rapidly expanding Cannabis Industry. Cannabis dispensary business insurance, cultivator/grower insurance and banking solutions can be expensive and difficult to acquire. Dealing with the challenges of constant change and conflicting state and federal laws, we can provide complex risk analysis and unique policy options to all business owners.

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