We are all about problem solving!

A customer of one of our clients was requesting that a specific change be made to their policy. The customer was providing work for a city within California. This City had a third party company handling their insurance certificate requests and had asked to have their name added to our client’s General Liability declaration page. Unfortunately this kind of request could not be executed. The only name that can be on the declaration pages of a policy is the Insured’s name.

The JVRC agent advised the third party management company of this and that maybe they were referring to an endorsement that adds the city as an additional insured. The third party company was still demanding the impossible request of adding them onto our client’s declaration pages so we reached out directly to the city manager and explained the situation to him.  He completely understood our explanation and had advised that the additional insured endorsement would suffice and all that was needed.  Our number one goal was to make sure the city got what they needed in order for our client to continue on the job without interruption which was a success.