Temporary Staffing Insurance
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Temporary Staffing Insurance California

Insuring Temporary Staffing Companies in California are a tough risk for any and all Workers’ Compensation carriers. Carriers have difficulty underwriting a temporary employee due to the number of class codes endorsed on the policy and the incomprehensible risk when a staffing agency adds a new client. Now compound this with the hardening of the California Workers’ Comp insurance market and the result limits the carriers available to Temp Staffing Agencies.

JVRC Insurance offers comprehensive insurance programs for Temporary Staffing Agencies that include


JVRC has access to specialty Temporary Staffing Workers’ Compensation insurance programs and alternative Workers’ Compensation solutions, allowing our clients’ the resources needed to be competitive in today’s market.

Two of the greatest exposures outside of Temp Staffing Workers Compensation insurance are Errors & Omissions insurance and Employment Practices Liability (EPLI). For example, a Temp Staffing Agency fills an order for a certified forklift driver and the driver has an accident where the client company learns the temporary worker is not certified. The Errors & Omissions insurance will respond to the claim due to the agencies error in placing the employees and erroneously not verifying the certification.
Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) protects employers against claims by employees alleging discrimination. For example the policy would respond to a claim based on sexual harassment, race, age, and or disability by the employee. Temp Staffing Agencies have a greater exposure due to not having control & custody of their employees and a properly constructed policy would also offer 3rd party coverage (placed employees). 

Temp Staffing Agencies must also address Health Care reform. JVRC Insurance has specialty products and programs that address the PPACA’s Pay-or-Play, applicable to large employers and are designed to address Part A ($2,000 fine) and Part B ($3,000 fine). These specialty products and programs allow Temp Staffing Agencies to comply and convert these expenses into a simple billable line item that can be presented to Temp Staffing Agency clients.

JVRC’s portfolio of services for Temp Staffing agencies include risk management, claims management, audit advisory, and years of experience that benefits our clients' bottom line. JVRC Insurance has access to all insurance markets that underwrite staffing and have the expertise to help our clients grow.

Give us a call today whether you are a new temporary staffing agency looking to establish yourself or a temporary staffing agency looking to help build or restructure your staffing programs!