Umbrella Insurance for
California's Businesses,
Commercial Property Owners, and More

Commercial Umbrella Insurance California

Though there are many reasons to consider a Commercial Insurance Umbrella policy for your business, there are two that truly stand out. Some consider it to protect their business from the high cost of a catastrophic claim or lawsuit and some do it to appease a client, subcontractor, or vendor they are working with that requires them to carry extra coverage’s. Whatever your reason is, protecting your business should be a high priority and we can make that easier and more affordable for you.

A Commercial Insurance Umbrella policy traditionally provides separately or combined extra coverage for General Liability, Commercial Auto, and Property policies. However if desired they can cover much more. If the excess coverage only covers one main policy, than it is considered an Excess Liability Policy. It’s typically very easy to obtain an umbrella policy for any business. We here at JVRC Insurance make sure to provide you with all the options California has to offer while narrowing them down to the policy that’s right for you.

Whether you choose $1,000,000, $5,000,000, or even $15,000,000 in extra coverage, your Commercial Insurance Umbrella policy will make sure to cover over your traditional policy limits to provide the peace of mind in case of a catastrophic loss. An umbrella policy can also broaden your limits as well. Please see below for a list of potential protected policies:


We can help determine what types of claims that are common in your industry and what type of awards that are generally given in a lawsuit. From there we can determine what kind of Commercial Insurance Umbrella policy you may need. Contact us today; we are just a click or a call away!